Introducing @YVRLostPets

We are happy to announce we have expanded to Vancouver. Be sure to let your friends and family in Vancouver know about @YVRLostPets and help reunite lost pets with their parents in Vancouver.

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#YYCLostPet Our First Year! 532 Followers, 736 Tweets. Thank you #YYC

As we enter year two of #YYCLostPet, we want to thank all of our great followers for their contributions to help reunite lost pets with their parents in #YYC. In our first year we have 532 followers, and have distributed over 736 tweets about lost pets in Calgary. As we enter year two of #YYCLostPet, we remind all our great followers to take a moment to retweet lost pet tweets when you see them… you never know when this simple action can be the difference between a pet being found or remaining lost.

Another point we would like to reiterate as we enter year two is to ensure that everyone is using all available channels to find their lost pets. Be sure to put signs in your neighborhood, contact the City of Calgary Animal Services, post to Facebook, Twitter, wherever you can think of to ensure you are exhausting every possible avenue to find your lost pet. Also, remember that when you choose social media routes such as Twitter, be mindful of what you are Tweeting, and ensure it is retweetable content. Date, Name, Breed, Last Seen, Contact are the most important pieces of information. Also, be sure to add the #YYC hashtag to get your message out to the city.

We hope year two of #YYCLostPet is just as rewarding as the first, and hope you continue to share our tweets with your followers. If you do have any success stories using social media or #YYCLostPet, be sure to share them so others can be prepared with great ideas in case the time ever comes when they are trying to find their lost pet.

Thanks again!

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[Lost Dog: 2/12] Chihuahua, last seen Bearspaw NW, #YYC

LOST DOG in bearspaw nw. calgary area feb 12,2011
tan colour
If Found Please Contact:
lyn bock
Phone: 403-819-6976

Sex: Male
Size / Weight: Small / 7.0 Date of Birth: Aug 12, 2007
Coat Type: Short Smooth Coat Pattern: not entered
Coat Color: Fawn
Breed: 100% Chihuahua

Identification: YES (Tattoo)

Visible Markings: tatoo in ear
Date Lost: Feb 12, 2011
Last Seen: (bearspaw) calgary, Alberta, Canada
Circumstances: got scared in the wind storm and ran

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A New Year for YYCLostPet in #YYC

Entering into year two of YYCLostPet, we wanted to start out by thanking our over 450 followers for their retweets, and messages thanking us for helping out lost pets in YYC. This year we hope to start development on an iPhone app that will make spreading the word about your lost pets even easier for you.

If you want to get involved with the YYCLostPet project, send us an email or a message on twitter and we will be sure to get back to you. Have a great year and keep those pets warm during the cold winter months. And remember, YYCLostPet is a supplementary service. Always follow the traditional routes of finding your lost pet, and be sure to have your best friends registered with the city.


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[Update: Foster found] Temporary foster care needed for a dog and cat in #YYC (via Inn from the Cold)

Foster care family needed for a dog and cat for a family at the Emergency Family Shelter: (read below)

“A new family arrived to our Emergency Family Shelter yesterday evening with their 2 pets (a cat and dog). They obviously cannot have the animals in the shelter for health and sanitation reasons but really do not want to have to surrender their pets during their temporary stay at the Shelter. We are looking for anyone willing to temporarily shelter these 2 animals, either together or separate. The family, including their kids, would be so, so grateful for this help.”

Please let me know if you are able to lend a animal-loving hand.

Stefica Turuk
Manager, Volunteer Resources
Inn from the Cold

P: 403.263.8384 ext 224
#106, 110 – 11 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0X5


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Do you retweet?

@YYCLostPet started with a simple idea… people will retweet anything; jokes, a funny saying, the current weather, links, tips, and so on. This idea was what made us think “of course they will retweet lost pets”, it’s a real living thing that is missing. #YYC, you haven’t let us down. Our great followers have kept on retweeting lost pet tweets for almost half a year now, and our numbers have grown to over 315 followers in that time. In June, we were the #4 most retweeted local user after only the major media outlets (Thanks @mastermaq Click here for stats)

The retweet is key to us. Following us is a great way to show your support, but a retweet is what actually makes the service work. So the next time you see one of our lost pet tweets, be sure to take a second to hit the retweet button… you never know who might have info to help reunite a lost pet with their parents… it could be one of your followers. And remember, @YYCLostPet is a completely free service.

So our question is, do you retweet?

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[Lost Dog: 06/28] Siberian Husky, Forest Lawn, Tattoo-225 20U #YYC

Post to YYCLostPet:

I am hoping someone can help me,

On Monday June 28th @ 10:30am my male Siberian Husky was let out of my yard in the Forest Lawn area of Calgary.

He is a grey and white, intact male with brown eyes. At the time of his disappearance he was wearing a green and blue plaid collar with his city of Calgary license on it. He has a tattoo in his right ear 225 20U.

Please feel free to cross post,
Any information can be directed to:

Joan McNutt

I miss my boy and desperately want him back.

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